The Art

Original works are Oil Paintings, Charcoal and Pencil Drawings, Pen and Ink, and Acrylic.

Reproductions range from hand made Stone Lithographs, Woodcut Prints and Wood Engravings, to Giclée and Offset Lithographs. Most of them are Limited Editions, Hand Colored, signed and numbered, honoring European tradition by keeping the limits to 200 and under. All hand made reproductions are limited from 50 to 100, and include a certificate of Authenticity.  Hand coloring is done with watercolor and colored pencil, making each one vibrant while assuring collectors that they will not fade. Hand coloring as well as Stone Lithography is almost a lost art because of the extra work involved.

Although most of my subjects are Indigenous Peoples of the World, I also enjoy painting Sensual Nudes as well as Mystical and Historical scenes, My series of Early Tucson consists of four 3’x4′ drawings from 1870 to 1917. And Scenes of the Tohono O’odham Reservation where I lived.

If you have questions about my Art please  contact me