The art of Tazouz is a reflection of herself. She likes to portray people as she sees them, with Respect, Grace, and Dignity.

An appreciation for authenticity is clearly seen in Tazouz’ studies, as she captures the inner essence of each person she paints.  Joy and Love, as well as Serious Reflection.

She claims she discovered the gift of ‘Seeing Beyond’ during her eight years with the ‘Tohono O’odham Tribe’



The Brewery Art Festival, Toronto, Canada,                               1964-1967

The Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach, CA.,                                  1968-1972

De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, Tucson AZ.,                                          1976

Cultural Exchange Council, Tucson AZ.,                                   1976-1980

Institute for Mexican/American Cultural Relations

Hermisillo, Mexico,                                                                         1977

Courtney Fair, British Columbia Canada,                                           1978

Anchorage, Fairbanks, Palmer, Homer AK.,                              1982-1990

Osaka, Japan,                                                                                1988

De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, Tucson AZ.,                                1993-2009


Rosequist Gallery, Tucson AZ.,                                                1975-1979

Blair Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.,                                                 1974-1978

Southwestern fine arts gallery, Carmel CA.,                             1976-1986

The Artist’s Gallery, Lancaster, CA.,                                        1980-1990

S.W. Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA.,                                          1980-1986

Marriners Gallery, Dana Point, CA.,                                         1980-1987

Candlelight Gallery, La Jolla, CA.,                                           1980-1988

Stewarts Gallery, Taos, NM.,                                                   1986-1990

Main Trail Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.,                                         1984-1988

Impressions 11, Tucson, AZ.,                                                  1986-1988

Galleria Uno, Puerto Vallarta Mexico,                                       1986-2000

Galleria of Tubac, Tubac AZ.,                                                  1994-1998

The Gathering, Tucson, AZ.,                                                    1994-2001